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Life Coaching Testimonials:

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"I looked forward to my sessions with Terri because they inspired me to make my life like i wanted it to be. Our sessions centered around what i needed at the time and how i could move beyond where i was into experiencing a more fulfilling life. The sessions were clear and straight forward so you could really apply what you had learned. After each session i always felt motivated to do what it took to make my life more rewarding." Pamela W. - Bellair, FL

"I contacted Terri at Cabral Holistic Coaching hoping to find direction for my life. As someone who is a perfectionist, detailed oriented and always on the go; i found myself wanting to do ALLTHE THINGS each day and was quickly losing my identity and purpose in life. While working with Terri, I have acquired so much more than i set out to find. Professionally, i wanted to pursue 3-4 various career paths due to my passionate nature of go-go-go" however Terri helped me to focus on what fills my heart with joy versus being busy all of the time in order to simplify my life and live fully. I have a difficult time turning my brain off, therefore I was adding on to my never ending to do list and experiencing heightened anxiety by doing so. I never learned how to be present and concentrate on the here-and-now. Terri taught me techniques that were simple, yet have brought meaning back into my life. I learned how by zoning in on what the desires of my heart are, that each day can become that much more fulfilling! I am so thankful for Terri's guidance, support and encouragement through our sessions." Paige - Clearwater, FL 

"The life coaching sessions have kept me accountable for my goals. I am following through more. I am so glad that I started this journey. In so many areas of my life I have been able to make huge strides. Terri helped to remind me of my values and coached me in a gentle but firm way. I am so grateful for all she has done."  Jessica H. - Palm Harbor, FL

" I was miserable at my job and completely stressed out from taking care of a sick family member.  Unable to make the self improvements I wanted on my own, Terri provided advice, encouragement and tools that helped me get realigned and learn more about myself that helped me make some positive changes.  I enjoyed working with Terri and highly recommend her life coaching services. You will be in good hands with Terri’s support, compassion and wisdom." Stefanie - St. Petersburg, FL

"I enjoyed working with Terri Cabral and found her to be an excellent teacher and adviser. Her knowledge of the material was extensive and complete. She has a very caring and compassionate manner and truly cares about her clients and getting them to the next level of their growth and development. Thank You Terri!!!"  Amy R. - Dunedin, FL

"Through the guidance of Terri, I have had an incredible experience of knowing myself better, identifying my goals and pursuing my personal and professional goals. Not only does Terri motivate you to reach your goals, her knowledge and support helps to push you along your new journey of growth and self-awareness. Every session has led to miraculous growth and major breakthroughs of reaching my goals."  Ellen K. - Boston, MA

"Terri has intuitively guided me for many years with a gentle rhythm.  She has an innate sense of when you need to go off and live/practice what you've awakened to, and when you need her support and coaching to help open the doors to the path of inner knowledge. She has helped me to be more open to a much easier path than racking my brain, or looking to her or anyone else, for an answer to my problems.  Her coaching has opened my eyes to all the answers that literally fly in front of me, when I have faith they are there.  Thanks to Terri, I have found my way to a simple trust, in myself."  Lisa M. – Scottsville, VA

"Terri's life coaching sincerely empowers awareness, revealing issues that block our personal growth. "Highly Effective- Highly Recommended!"  Susan C. - California

"I have known Terri both personally and professionally. The first thing I would like to say about Terri is, she is a very kind, sweet soul. She is a great listener, without judgment. You will always feel safe emotionally with her. She is committed to healing of people's lives and relationships. Terri is authentic, very organized and a dedicated professional. Having her as a personal coach will enrich your life. As an Image Coach, you won't find anyone else with the same years of high level training that she has. Her sense of color is amazing and you'll love her style!"  Kathy S - Dunedin FL

"Terri is the consummate professional. You'll love what she can do for you." Jan W. - Safety Harbor, FL

"Knowing Terri for a number of years now allows me to highly recommend her to others. Compassionate and gifted as both a life coach and healer on many levels. You will not be disappointed in meeting and making a connection with Terri Cabral." - Trinda Latherow

"I have known Terri for many years and she has helped me tremendously through the difficult times in my life.  I have had many major life changes and experienced all of the emotions that go with them.  She has helped me to transform my life into one with joy and happiness.  She is not only a compassionate life coach, but one of the most beautiful souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  She is truly the light in the darkness! There is no need to suffer - reach out and she can help you find light and love again." - Gena DeCamella

"Terri is one of the most empathetic and empowering people I’ve ever known. She has helped me tremendously over the last few months and I look forward to every session we have together. She is always fully present and creates an open and welcoming environment. I have gained so much from working with her and looking forward to continuing to work together in the future." - Nicole Woodruff

"Terri is the absolute best!! I was searching for a life coach last year because I just felt like I needed to be centered and needed direction in my life. I found her on the net just by googling ‘life coach’ and I could not have been more pleased! After our first meeting, I wanted more!! She has helped me so much and even made me want to look into becoming a life coach myself!! I highly recommend her for anyone looking to hit the reset button and be the driver of your own life!" - Anonymous

"I've recently completed the Eight Sessions to Create Personal Fulfillment and Inner Strength towards the direction of your Dreams with Terri. What an amazing experience. She has helped me become more focused, driven in areas that better benefits me, understand my behaviors, and so much more. I would highly recommend this training to anyone wanting to improve, and better understand themselves. Thank you Terri for all the immeasurable insights you provided." - Paul Gasca

ThetaHealing® Testimonials

"Had a fabulous Theta Healing session with Terri Cabral. If you've never done it, I highly recommend it! Emotions and traumas create physical disorders and limiting beliefs programmed into our subconscious can hold us back and create blockages in our lives and bodies. The healing Terri does can help clear all of that. Terri is amazing and has I don't know how many degrees in different healing arts and spiritual studies, and is the real deal as an intuitive that's very helpful when tuning into what's going on under the surface". Gina C. Palm Harbor, FL

"I've known Terri Cabral for over 5 years now and have come to see what a truly caring and warm person that she is. She brings that into her ThetaHealing® sessions and i believe that is what helps her tap into what her clients need in order to heal on many different levels. She is able to see and connect to the dimension that will help facilitate the healing necessary to move on with your life. I can't thank her enough for the help she has given me in finding just what i needed to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you know you need help in finding out just what is keeping you from feeling your joy, than Terri is just the right person to facilitate your healing." Marie L.- Pt. Richey, FL

"I went to see Terri when I was at my wits end as to what was wrong with my stomach. I kept deleting foods and I was still feeling pretty darn awful. She did ThetaHealing® on me and when it was done I felt remarkably better. I loved the experience.Terri and her work are awesome!" Mary M. Odessa, FL

Image/makeup Testimonials:

"Being in the beauty industry for so many years I thought it would be great to invite Terri to give an Image and Style presentation at one of my Business Manager meetings. Even though all my employees have access to great fashion and makeup, sometimes we all get stuck in a rut and need a fresh eye to brighten our look, put a skip in our step and to just give us more energy to be our best throughout each work day. Terri’s presentation did just that, her stylish and fresh new ideas to turn a basic wardrobe into a stylish look amazed everyone? Simple inexpensive ideas that everyone could do without too much extra effort. We learned the basics for a full functioning wardrobe and to not be afraid of change? Simple changes can make such a difference in how we feel about ourselves. Thank You Terri everyone left energized, fashion Savvy and I already see a difference in the way my employees have changed their look for the better?" Gabby L. - Account Executive Shiseido Cosmetics America

"I have never looked this good. I have had my makeup done many times at the makeup counters, always to walk away just barely satisfied. Terri’s very simple tips are transformational! I have only felt truly beautiful a few times in the last decade, tonight is the best. I feel so sexy." Julie B. - Eastlake Woodlands, FL

"Terri was truly inspirational; she opened my eyes back up to the possibilities of using makeup to achieve many looks that would work with my complexion and eye color. Her wardrobe advice invigorated me in wanting to take another look at what I should and could do with my wardrobe."  Beatrix - Florida

"Do you remember how much fun it was when you first put on makeup? That is the feeling Terri gives you with her friendly, expert approach. She shows you how to achieve a youthful look appropriate to your age. I highly recommend all of her services." Judi M. - Ohio

"I have been in the beauty business since 1972, and have had makeovers many times. So it is with great joy that i recommend Terri Cabral. She has a great eye for color, is up to date on new techniques and has a wonderful touch. Just being in her presence makes one feel worthy of the special treatment she offers. You will look and feel grateful if you allow yourself the time to be with Terri."  Karen W. -Tarpon Springs, Fl.

"Terri You are Incredible!!! I love ALL my new colors that I get to wear in my personalized analysis! Thank you so much for the make-up lesson too! You truly are AMAZING!! xoxoxo" - Tracy C. - Tarpon Springs, FL

"The best gift I ever gave myself that continues to astound me today was working with Terri Cabral and her color analysis. Getting dressed in the morning is fun again. In fact, I turn more heads at this age of 51 than I ever did. It is so exciting to play with color and have it look great on my body. I am even wearing make up again that is so easy to apply and always the right shade thanks to Terri. I just love that guys younger than me are flirting with me and truly want my attention because of how I look and feel about myself. Many thanks Terri for all your help." Carolyn B. - Tampa, FL

For many years I have heard people say to me that I look tired or I have puffy eyes or dark circles, I never understood why until Terri Cabral came into my life!!! She sat me down and showed me what my problem was. My colors that I pick out for clothing were on the darker side (black, I love black) no totally wrong lol so after Terri showed me my colors I was amazed at how my face looked lifted and bright. And her expertise on how to apply makeup, she just made me feel like a whole new woman. Now when people see me they say I have a glow and gee that color looks awesome and I tell them you should see Terri Cabral she will help you look your best!!! I bring my colors, with me every time I go shopping to make sure I stick to it. And now when I go to my business meetings, I get "wow you look great" Thank you Terri Cabral ♡ April Costa - Athol, MA

“Terri Cabral’s inherent gifts came in with her at birth, have been well-developed over the years, and are now available to all those who wish to heal, grow, or simply become even greater than they already are. It gives me great pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend meeting and connecting with Terri Cabral, minister, spiritual sage, intuitive healer, image consultant, and so much more.” ~Trinda Latherow,  Author, Speaker, Consultant and Founder of Meet and Make a Connection, An inspirational mind, body, spirit blog at www.Trinda.net/blog

"I couldn't agree more Trinda Latherow Terri is a true professional and gifted in her skills as a make up artist."  Patricia Seaver McGivern - Tarpon Springs, FL

From the blog of: Trinda Latherow;  Author, Speaker, and Consultant

"Terri Cabral  provides support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. She also integrates careful coaching techniques and helpful assignments to offer a highly, personalized programs.

With compassion and understanding, Terri works with individuals to help build upon their inner strengths and innate abilities. The goal always is to help each attain the personal development and growth that they are committed to achieving. I know it sounds like some lofty goal, but when you meet Terri and get to speak with her, it feels as if you are meeting with both an insightful professional and an old friend at the same time. She has a marvelous way about her that allows for the most caring connection, one that only positive results are sure to come from. So many people are seeking that which will bring about a happier, healthier, and truly wealthier life that each of us felt driven to do this type of work, to be there for others who may wish to learn from our own life lessons and successes. As everyone, no matter one’s profession, draws upon their personal experiences, unique perspectives, and deeper understandings of our world and us. Each of us comes from a place of knowledge or from the mind, yes, but also from the heart and soul and so it is with confidence that I assure you, Terri speaks from the truest of hearts, minds, and souls. As a certified journey life coach this is vital.
How would your life change, if you could tap into your fullest potential? What if you could live a better life experience? Today, you are one-step closer to a new you. If you are truly committed to creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life, Terri looks forward to working with you. Contact her today to start your journey toward achieving your dreams and living a life you love. I know you will not be disappointed in your meeting and making a connection with Terri Cabral."