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Space Clearing and alignment

We are energy and everything around us is energy. Does your home or office environment feel like a sacred space? Do you feel high frequency, love your space and feel peaceful in it? Or do you feel blocked, sad and avoid your space? Do you feel that something is not right and your energy is diminished?

Terri is an energy shifter, by feeling the stuck energy in your environment, clearing it and using her methods of Fung shui  she can create a space that feels sacred, happy and peaceful. This energy shift can create huge leaps in your life including better harmony, higher frequency relationships, prosperity and success as well as better health. Color wellness is also used in the space to lift the frequency and create a transformation of redesigning your space with a few simple tips, additions and replacement of what you already own.

You will feel amazing and will be surprised at what you attract in your life!

This service can be done by visiting your space in person or virtually. This is a 2 visit minimum to create the changes needed to one room or more.

Space clearing only is available in 1 session. This session is done is 45min or less depending on size of space and includes an intention blessing. 

 * This service is also perfect for when you are moving into a new place or trying to sell a home.

*  For long distance travel extra fees will be applied.

Please call for more details or questions 727-804-8174

For a consultation please call 727-804-8174