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Personal Coaching Packages

Package 1 - Eight Sessions to Create Personal Fulfillment and Inner Strength towards the direction of your Dreams.

Do you feel lost in what direction to take in your Life?

No purpose, no joy, feeling like you are losing your identity in life, relationships or stuck in a dead end job with no fulfillment?

Are you in a life transition?

Do you keep repeating the same patterns?

Is something within you nudging you that it's time for a change but you are not sure what to do next?

Maybe it's time to reinvent yourself, find purpose and fulfillment and Joy.

In these sessions you will discover why you repeat certain patterns and get clarity on what you truly would like to create in your life, to take small steps forward, to accomplish your desired goals and reach peace and joy. We will meet in person or virtually weekly or biweekly for 45 minutes.

 Please call for your discovery session to see if this program is a fit for you   727-804-8174 

Package 2 - Twelve Sessions to Unleash Your Power And Transform your life

  • Rediscover yourself, your sense of purpose, create awareness to tune into what is going on under the surface and open to your path of inner knowledge.
  • Focus on what fills your heart with joy and meaning verses being busy with with long lists that only create anxiety. 
  • Get clarity and set new goals with ease and intention.
  • Create a meaningful life.
  • Learn to be present through simple techniques and accomplish more by simplifying.
  • Learn how you communicate, how others perceive you as a communicator.
  • Build and attract better lasting relationships.
  • Make huge strides in life by realigning yourself with whom you truly are ( the journey of self awareness).
  • Live life with ease and create more by setting smart goals, breaking them down into easy steps
  • Get in the Flow of receiving and change your direction.
  • Redesign your life and create your vision statement.
  • Learn why you sabotage yourself and break through the blocks. Rewire the brain by creating a different thought pattern.
  • Change your belief system by creating a new mindset to clear the doubts, the secret of successful people. 
  • Change your vocabulary (words are cups of light that contain holographic patterns and pictures). Words create things.
  • Match your inner self to your outer self. Gain more confidence by releasing fear.
  • Become more creative and peaceful. 
  • Fengshui your environment to attract joy and prosperity.

** Warning this may help you attract Personal Success and Inner Power ( not all results are created equal). These are weekly sessions for 45 minutes in person or virtually.

** Please call for your discovery session to see if this program is a fit for you   727-804-8174

 12 Month Maintenance Program

  This program is for existing clients that have completed my other programs or new clients that have a sense of direction of where they want to go and are already accomplishing some goals. Monthly sessions will continue to guide you by tweaking your direction accordingly and checking on belief systems as well as keeping you accountable, expanding your vision on existing or new goals. We will spend 1hr and 45 minutes on a session that will empower you to go create and stay confident on your path.

** Can be done in person or virtually,

Design Your Life - Learn on your own Program 

PDF or PowerPoint download learn at your own leisure and start shifting your life and mindset to create your desired life.

Gift Certificates Available If you would like to give the gift of joy and fulfillment to self or someone you love .

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