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Spiritual Service

The Gathering of Light

Spiritual and Inspirational Services

You are invited to join us for a time of gathering in celebration of joy, peace and hope. A time to learn, uplift and inspire the soul on our journey towards a greater understanding of self and life. Enjoy Reiki and meditation. Refresh midweek and renew the mind, body, and spirit in a loving and supportive environment at The Gathering of Light with spiritual teacher Terri Cabral.

The Gathering Of Light is a new spiritual community whose aim is to recognize the Divine Light within all and continue to develop our spiritual growth in order to be the change that we want to see in the world. 

 Service is held twice a month on wednesday evenings at 7pm.

 1st and 3rd Wednesdays

Crystal Beach Recreation Center

517 Crystal Beach Ave.

Crystal Beach, FL 34681


Meet Terri Cabral

She is an Ordained Minister, Certified Spiritual Teacher and Certified Life Coach who specializes in personal growth and Spirituality.

Her goal is to help raise the frequency for the healing of humanity.

Terri holds a Master Degree in Spiritual Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Healing Arts and her passion  is helping people to find their greatness within, she believes that ”All you Need is already Within you” and it is never too late to find your purpose and fulfillment in life.

Contact Terri Cabral
Tel: 727-804-8174















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